Honorable Gloria G. Lawlah, President
Honorable Eileen Rehrmann, Vice President
Frances Hughes Glendening, Secretary-Treasurer
Betty Buck
Helen V. Dortch
Honorable Tawanna P. Gaines
T. Sue Gladhill
Sheila Kast
Mary Lou McDonough
Caroline Miller
Melanie Miller
Honorable Karen S. Montgomery
Honorable Sandra Shrader
Nabee Yi

Karmen Brown
J. Elizabeth Garraway, PhD
Katherine Van Hollen
Honorable Paula C. Hollinger
Honorable Mary Louise Preis
Honorable  J. Anita Stup
Honorable Jean B. Cryor (deceased)
Honorable Pauline H. Menes (deceased)
Honorable Helen D. Bentley (deceased)

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Women Legislators of Maryland Foundation, Inc. is a
501(c)(3) corporation organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes including:

  • to provide funding to the Women Legislators of the Maryland General Assembly, Inc., and to assist that organization in the achievement of its educational and charitable purposes;

  • to provide an avenue to support and address community and public awareness of and participation in programs involving equal rights for women and children primarily in connection with employment and other economic and social opportunities through education and research, program development, and related activities;

  • to promote and coordinate private sector involvement with and support for the Women Legislators of the Maryland General Assembly, Inc.;

  • and to accept, raise, invest and distribute funds.


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